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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What info do I need to register? The following information is required:

a. Coaches name, address, birth date, phone, and email
b. Roster with each player’s name, address, birth date, phone, and email
c. Guardians’ name, address, birth date, phone, and email for each player who is under 18
d. Team name, Age bracket, and male/female group.
e. Method of payment

2. How much does it cost to play in Copa Univision?

Registration cost is $300.

3. How can I register? 

You can register online through and select your city. After that, complete the registration form & make the payment. You will then get an invoice number.

4. How do I make my registration payment and what forms of payment are accepted?

In order to complete your registration, you must make the payment online with any major credit or debit card.

5. Can I pay the same day of the event?

No, teams cannot pay the day of the tournament. Only teams that register and make a payment before the deadline will be added to the schedule. There will be no exceptions.

6. When is the deadline to register a team?

The Friday one week before the tournament. However, if the event sells out, registration will close early.

7. How do I know if I’m registered for the event?

To fully register for Copa Univision, you will need to submit the online registration form that can be found at by selecting the city you want to participate in, once that is submitted & you have made the payment, you will receive an email notification with an invoice number. Once payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email and you will be officially registered for the tournament.

8. Can I play in two different teams in the same city/event?

No, participants are only allowed to play for one team and one division per event.

9. How many games are guaranteed?

Three games are guaranteed (weather permitting).

10. Are Adult Divisions open in my city?

Only Dallas will have Adult Women and Adult Men Divisions in 2024.

11. Is the tournament one or two days? What day of the weekend will the tournament be played?

Tournament in Los Angeles will be ONE day and Dallas will be TWO days. In Dallas, kids and youth divisions will play on Saturday and adult divisions will play on Sunday.

12. Can girls play with boys?

No, girls are allowed to play in girl divisions which are exclusively for girls. 

13. Can a youth player play in the adult divisions?

Youth players may participate in adult divisions, but must submit a signed waiver in order to play

14. Do we have to have a coach?

Yes, every team must have a coach. All coaches must be over 18 years of age. In the Men and Women’s divisions players may not be coaches. The coach will be the main point of contact and will represent the team at check-in on the day of the event.

15. What’s the waiver? Where can I get one?

Every player (or guardian of a player if the participant is under 18) must complete and sign the team waiver. The waiver/roster is attached to the confirmation email you receive after you register online. You can print and have parents/legal guardians sign this prior to the tournament. We will also be providing waivers/rosters the day of the tournament and parents/legal guardians can sign on site, Waivers/rosters MUST BE SIGNED in order for a team to check-in. No player will be allowed to participate without a waiver.

16. How many players can I have on the roster? 

The minimum number of players is 4 and the maximum is 8. The 8 players include the goalkeeper.

17. What documents do players need to bring the day of the tournament?

ALL players must bring an ID so their age can be verified during the check-in process.

18. What will qualify for acceptable “proof of age”?

All players must provide an official ID with birth date or birth certificate along with a picture ID. Ex. school IDs will be accepted only with a copy of the birth certificate.

19. What equipment (clothing) does the team need?

Teams must be prepared to provide matching light & dark colored shirts for each game. Each player MUST wear shin guards. Spiked cleats are not allowed.

20. What is the ball size? What is the field size?

U6-U12 divisions will use size 4 balls; U13-adult will use size 5 balls. All fields are 40yds (Length) x 30yds (Width). (Field size subject to change due to venue space)

21. Can we change our team’s name?

There will be no team name changes allowed. The tournament director reserves the right to change a team name at their discretion. Inappropriate or offensive names will not be permitted.

22. When do we get our schedule?

The tournament will do its best efforts to post the schedule online two days prior to the event. The schedule will be updated the day of the tournament as games are played to determine teams that advance and make the playoffs.

23. What do we get if we win? 

The winning team of the Adult Division in Dallas will receive a money prize and a trophy. The 1st teams of all divisions in every other city will receive team trophies and individual medals. 2nd teams will receive medals only.

24. Can I buy food or drinks at the event?

We encourage teams to bring their own drinking water. The tournament will make its best efforts to accommodate various food and beverage vendors. Alcohol is not permitted onsite.

25. What if it is raining? Is there any weather policy?

In the case of consistent inclement weather, we will make our best efforts to post an update on If an event is canceled due to inclement weather, we will explore rescheduling options and notify all registered teams. Games will be played in the event of rain but may be suspended at any time due to lightning or at the discretion of the tournament director. Games will be played as long as the field remains playable. In case of extreme weather conditions, coaches will be contacted once a decision has been made regarding the continuation, delay or cancellation of the games and tournament.

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